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Who We Are

About Select Equipment

‘Select‘ (Established in 1970) have the equipment to meet your printing requirements and each request is treated with the same level of care and urgency. We specialise in printing for the construction industry and deliver direct to sites anywhere across mainland UK. We act as an external print room for many of the largest construction companies in the UK.

We also print for smaller companies where the cost of a plotter would out way the sporadic requirement for plan prints and we print for companies who have the facility to do this in-house, when they have a time-consuming print run or need something urgently on site.

Why use us

Convenience & Speed

Companies with printing facilities in-house often turn to us at the beginning of a project when they have a print run that would be time consuming.

Our machines are capable of printing and folding 30 A1 plans per minute and we deliver next day via DPD, DHL & FedEx.

We assist midway through a project with signage requirements and at the end of a project also when O&M’s and residents manuals need to be produced. There is often a lot of information which needs printing and can take weeks to produce in-house.

Why use us

Quality & Cost

As a specialist printer we invest in the best equipment. Benefitting from economies of scale we are able to pass this saving on to our customers. The highest quality at the lowest cost.

Companies who print in-house often have higher costs when taking into account all cost implications:

- Initial cost of printer and installation
- On-going running cost of printer
- Square footage space cost
- Time cost of person operating
- Ink and paper costs
- Maintenance/Service cost
- Folding/finishing time and cost
- Delivery cost

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